Time and dedication earns independence. If you have a few ‘oceans to sail’ and would like to do this with a partner, or solo, many years of preparation will come first. These days, just when you thought that age 65 meant certain retirement, the new philosophy is “Repurpose” but what does that mean. Well, it’s fairly common knowledge that most people identify their “purpose” with their “career” and – suddenly – leaving that at age 65 can result in depression, ill health or premature demise. Apart from the financial aspects of Retirement Planning, it is clear that a successful transition requires the help of more than one competent professional – unless you are one of those rare self-directed forces of nature!

The sheer joy of true independence – and your new purposes – can only be experienced in parallel with financial security and our job is to guide you along the proven paths. More and more we are seeing our clients reach the traditional ‘retirement’ age and embark on a dream business, travel adventure or artistic pursuit – and why not all three? For most people this is due to a lack of financial security as a result of poor planning. We will make sure that this does not happen to you.

When you become financially independent (your money is working for you) it is possible to stop everything other than those activities you are really passionate about. Everyone who works hard and saves should enjoy that feeling – someday sooner than later. You may know someone who has lots of money and no joy and another person who is happy but unable to afford their dreams. There does not have to be a choice – we can all attain health, wealth and happiness. If you truly believe that you deserve an amazing, actualized life – which is an important and necessary mindset for long-term success – we will help you realize your goals.