Like any art or science, it takes a few years of study to understand the theories behind sound investment, then many years of practicing the precise application of each principle. Our investment team have over 60 years of collective knowledge and experience. This depth of experience helps us maintain composure when the world seems (as it mostly does) random and unpredictable. Through many years of watching stock market cycles we have observed recognizable patterns.

Don’t lose money
We sincerely believe that the first objective is ‘defense’ (don’t lose money) followed by the required amount of ‘attack’ (making appropriate returns) and that every client would like to optimize the amount of short-term risk they are prepared to take with the highest long-term reward. Initially, our clients are often risk averse, while requesting double-digit returns. Over time and via practical demonstration of result we have shown our clients that, while short-term results are hard to predict, long-term results are much more predictable. Predictable, so long as we ensure the correct appointment and monitoring of Asset Managers.


Detail is central to understanding
Many people are averse to simplification because they feel that detail is central to understanding. This trait, however, blinds most private investors to the fact that we only have four Asset Classes to choose from: Stocks, Bonds, Property and Cash. This simple fact is hidden in plain sight because of the vast number of Investment Houses and their bespoke offerings to you, the private investor. In South Africa we have over 60 Asset Managers vying for your attention; throughout the world there are thousands of registered Investment Managers. This daunting selection is one reason why many people simply leave their money in a bank and miss out on the returns they could have achieved.

Comprehensive suite of investment
To offer a comprehensive suite of investment options we have partnered with a handpicked selection of local and international financial service providers. Large household-name managers are teamed with small boutique managers to utilize the best investment talent our industry has to offer. Then, to continually improve upon our advice and fund management, we employ state-of-the-art software tools from associates like Portfolio Metrix, Investec, Momentum Wealth and Glacier.

Continual practice
Through our continual practice of this art and science our clients have earned steady and consistent inflation beating returns. While it may seem hard for you to believe (given the hype that financial news networks pump out each day) long-term real returns have become fairly predictable. Real Returns are the percentage by which your annual investment growth beats inflation. Growth rates of 1% to 7% above inflation can be confidently targeted, over periods of 8 years and longer when mixed with the essential ingredient patience!. Sadly, due to the lack of Investment Education and Financial Advice, most people will never realize how wealthy they could have become. It is mathematically provable that most middle income individuals – who will work for 40 years – could become financial independent long before retirement however, the majority will not. Financial Freedom is available, if you WANT it, so let’s work on that idea together. Contact us now for a free introductory workshop that will change your Wealth Prospects forever.