Have you heard the analogue: ‘shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations’? This refers to Grandparents coming from humble beginnings and building a tidy nest egg or two. Then parents inheriting the wealth with no real financial knowledge, proceed to ‘blow it’. Then, Children with no inheritance must ‘roll up their shirt sleeves’ and start again. This is so easily avoided, by simply introducing your children to basic financial concepts then, when they start earning a living, a financial advisor.

Financial Fitness Services have helped thousands of families
We at Financial Fitness Services have helped thousands of families avoid the mistakes that destroy decades of wealth accumulation. You may suspect that much of the “advice” you receive via the financial and popular media is designed to make the vendors rich – and not your family. If you are a parent, with teenage or adult children, you may be struggling with the spend-spend-spend trend of younger people today. It certainly seems true that the ‘latest car, latest clothing, latest technology’ marketing campaigns have convinced almost everyone that upgrading our possessions regularly is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

We can offer good help
It is highly likely that some young people today will not go through a whole month without purchasing new cloths or accessories! This is clearly counterproductive to wealth building. Teaching the benefits of delayed gratification and saving toward major goals is an enormous challenge for parents today and it is good to have help. We can offer that help and assist you, where possible, to ensure that your children (and their children) maintain and grow the solid foundation you have created.