It’s extremely flattering when a client says ‘I trust you’, but we aspire to have that trust based on parallel knowledge. At Financial Fitness, our client relationships usually begin with a personal financial planning workshop and that’s just the start. Each year we invite groups of our clients to specifically tailored seminars, which help bring everyone ‘up-to-speed’ with current financial affairs and what our fund managers are doing about them.


Sound knowledge is the corner stone of any financial plan
We do this because of our belief that the corner stone of any sound financial plan or investment strategy is sound knowledge of the subject. Financial Fitness specialises in client education focusing on Money Management, Wealth Accumulation and Retirement Planning. This provides great insight for you to gain a deeper understanding into a well-structured financial plan and it clarifies the important aspects to be focussed upon in the planning stages. Our workshops focus on essential topics, such as types of investment choices available, tax considerations, asset allocation, making sense of the investment numbers, where to obtain information and how to interpret this information.

BI-annual seminars for our clients
Then, when you have built and secured your wealth, Estate Planning to ensure the protection of the assets and long-term security of your loved ones. So, once we have brought you up to speed, it makes sense to keep this knowledge growing with timely and topical seminars. For this reason we hold bi-annual seminars for our clients to ensure that they can see and hear what the investment managers are doing and how they are adapting to the ever-changing economic and investment climate.