The art and science of providing solid, efficient and effective investment advice has, for many financial advisors, been much more art than science. We at Financial Fitness have always followed a very scientific approach to portfolio construction; it was a lot of work and we always thought it could be done better. Fortunately, the guys behind PortfolioMetrix had recognised many of the problems facing our industry and they developed a set of ground breaking processes and software tools to assist Independent Advisors in offering a service that is simply unparalleled. This highly specialised service is only available to the public via a small number of carefully selected Investment Advisory Firms and Financial Fitness Services is one of them.

Risk Management within Wealth Management
Financial Modelling – The ability to take short or medium term risk. This is a function of your age and current wealth. If you are young and in the first phase of your rise to stardom you can afford to save your pennies in a portfolio that is predominately – investment grade – listed equities. On the other hand, if you have reached stardom and are considering an exit on stage left, you may have accumulated enough to live comfortably from a portfolio that has higher holdings in bonds and property. Then, of course, you could be anywhere in between!

Behavioural Analysis – The willingness to take risk Even if you ride a mountain bike over steep drop offs or dive amongst sharks over weekends you may be a complete wimp with your hard-earned nickels. This is usually because you do not understand enough about the long-term behaviour of investment assets to realise what’s best for you. If you are as interested in becoming wealthy as you are in tubeless tyres, or skin hugging rubber suits, we can show you how to optimise the desired return with its lowest short to medium-term risk.

Portfolio Optimisation – Ensuring that you are rewarded for taking risk It’s no fun getting a blow out in the middle of a great ride or, worse still, a great dive. That’s why PortfolioMetrix have developed the Swiss Watch of Wealth Management systems to keep your wealth accumulation on time and on target. Every tool that you use in life has a complex theory and process behind it. Now you and your Wealth Planner can use the ultimate Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management tool – Wealth Explorer – to dynamically craft portfolios that are ideally suited to your specific objectives and schedule.

How do I join?
If you would like this approach applied to your portfolio, please contact Jim Millar today. Email: Tel: 011 802 0888