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On 1st January 2017 approximately 128 feisty fund managers lined up to chase a Raging Bull, which only one would ‘catch’ on 31st December 2020. Their ‘racing vehicle’ of choice was the South African Multi-Asset Low Equity funds class.
2019 RB_Certificates_Financial Fitness copy

I think you’ll agree that there was no shortage of ‘excitement’ over a period that saw the end of Zuma-nomics and the rise of Trump-onomics! Then, if you look at a chart of the JSE All Share index over that time frame, you’d note that a straight-forward Index Fund would have left you feeling like time had halted.

Since this is not intended to be a marathon story, I’ll just cut to the chase and announce that Financial Fitness Stable IP Fund of Funds was the winner! YES, during January 2020, we picked up the Raging Bull award for the Best South African Multi-Asset Low Equity Fund over Three Years! So, like any sweaty competitor, our post-race debrief goes like this:

  • Always look forward; it’s the road ahead that must be navigated.
  • Don’t watch your competitors; if they are behind you there’s not much you can learn from them.
  • Read your map and compass while running; lost time and opportunities are not an option.
  • Resist the temptation to follow an early leader, if your ‘map’ tells you not to.
  • Run with the hearts and minds of your sponsors (investors) along with you all the way.

So that’s it folks! Thank you for your faith in us over the most interesting of times. We are now chasing another ‘Bull’ to be captured on 31st December 2021. AND, I’m confident that we have your wholehearted support.

Very best wishes,

Jim Millar and the Financial Fitness ‘race’ team.